Casa Taguacinte is located in the Hoyo del Barrio, elevated enclave of Mocanal (North Island), about 450 meters above sea level, from where it enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year in a completely rural setting laid back.


Just five minutes from the capital of El Hierro island, Valverde, and just 10 minutes from Valle del Golfo or bathing areas, Its privileged location makes this "close" house and crossroads of various rural roads and major and minor roads as El Pozo de las Calcosas, La Caleta, El Tamaduste ...

It also highlights his close positioning beautiful routes like Las Cancelitas-Tifirabe and Pools of Tejegüete; or the opposite, that leads to Betenama, formerly of Las Montañetas town, not far from the majestic Mirador de La Peña, great work of Cesar Manrique, where we discover stunning views of the Valle del Golfo.



Most relevant distances:

Altitude: 450 m.

Supermarket: 0.5 Km.

Bathing: 5 Km.

Restaurant: 0.2 Km.

Health center: 4 Km.

La Estaca Port: 14 Km.

Airport: 15 Km.


Casa Rural Taguacinte

Calle Hoyo del Barrio, 1

Villa de Valverde
El Hierro

Santa Cruz de Tenerife