The island of El Hierro, with just 278 square kilometers, a coastline perimeter of 107.5 kilometers, a maximum height of 1,501 meters and a population of 10,500 inhabitants, is a paradise for the diversity of landscapes it offers. The rich natural and cultural space makes 60% of its territory is protected by law.


On January 22, 2000, UNESCO declared the island of El Hierro Biosphere Reserve, which identifies the island as a model of how we should live with nature. El Hierro offers a variety of landscapes from pine groves to large volcanic formations, passing through areas of plantations and vineyards all in perfect condition.


The coast of El Hierro are rocky and very steep, inaccessible cliffs up to 1,000 meters and some coves and natural pools that invite a refreshing swim in its waters. If you are fond of diving you can enjoy the island's most spectacular seabed of the Canary Islands and internationally recognized.


Also in El Hierro you can enjoy the spring-like climate of the islands and subtropical vegetation typical Canarian

Some places of interest to visit in the island are:

El Arbol Garoé

It is the symbol of the island. It is a place with a rich archaeological, cultural and mythical. The Garoé condensed water from the trade winds that seems "well" of the tree itself. There is an interpretation center where you can better understand this phenomenon.

El Lagartario

It is a center for captive breeding giant lizard of El Hierro, one of the reptiles most endangered in the world and thought to be extinct until in 1974 when a shepherd accidentally discovered some copies.

Ecomuseo Poblado de Guinea

There is a guided route through the caves where the first settlers of the island, the Bimbaches settled. You can see the evolution of the homes and their belongings from the time of the conquest to the present.

El Mirador de La Peña

Declared of Cultural Interest by the Canarian Government has spectacular views across the valley of the Gulf. There is a restaurant lookout designed by Cesar Manrique great where you can enjoy the local cuisine as well as international cuisine. Never forget the visit.

El Pozo de las Calcosas

One of the most picturesque places of El Hierro, with houses made of volcanic stone and thatched roofs. There are some natural pools ideal for swimming and is an ideal for coastal fishing. Dear summer resort of the islanders.

El Sabinar

Mount of Sabinas deformed by northwesterly winds and making them fit them with decent implausible forms of scary stories.

Playa de El Verodal

Beautiful beach over 300 m. an unusual red sand inviting you to stick a large bathroom.

Faro de Orchilla

This lighthouse was for centuries the edge of the known world, he passed the meridian from Ptolemaic times until 1884. It is the southernmost and westernmost point of the Spanish territory as well as proving the certificate delivered to him in the office of the Board Tourism in Valverde, once you have visited.


Casa Rural Taguacinte

Calle Hoyo del Barrio, 1

Villa de Valverde
El Hierro

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